Pilates Reformer

Pilates is a functional training of more than 100 years of existence, created by the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates, whose main objective is to improve the quality of life of the human being through corrective exercises. It is a method that contributes to the physical rehabilitation of injuries and to maximize body training; It can be done with machines or on the ground. It is also called contrology, since it is the center of the body as a motor of movement and involves strengthening the abdominal wall, mobility of the spine, flexibility, muscle toning, development of balance, among other benefits.

Pilates Reformer

We will use two reformer machines and two benches, a circuit will be held with 4 students, who will enjoy exercises on the different machines, in addition to using other objects and accessories that will enhance their body agility. We will individually evaluate the initial state of each student and, from there, we evolve the class towards balancing and maximizing their physical, biomechanical and energetic potential.

pilates reformer

Types of classes

  • Personal training
  • Group classes (4 students)

Individuals with spinal injuries, pre and post natal classes, adolescents, dancers, athletes, older adults over 60 years of age can do pilates on a machine.


Promo pack:

€ 70.00 – 1 individual class + 2 group classes.
Designed for people who have never done Pilates and want to know the method.

Group Classes:

€ 90.00 (monthly) – 1 class per week.
€ 160.00 (monthly) – 2 classes a week.
Classes for a maximum of 4 people per group. Circuit with two reformer machines, two benches and pilates accessories; duration 60 minutes each class.

Individual classes:

€ 50.00 – 1 single class.
€ 180.00 – 4 classes voucher (duration two months).
€ 320.00 – 8 classes voucher (duration three months).

Classes for duets:

€ 70.00 – 1 single class.
€ 260.00 – 4 classes voucher (duration two months).
€ 480.00 – 8 classes voucher (duration three months).

Note: Prices already include VAT
Teacher: Alejandra Peña



Alejandra Peña

Alejandra Peña is Venezuelan and instructor of Pilates Floor and Machines. She dancer of Contemporary Dance and Afro-Venezuelan Dance. Dance Teacher for Adults and Children. Choreographer, Improviser, Independent Creator. President of the Cultural Association PASSWORD. Degree in Social Work. As a Pilates instructor, her training comes from Polestar Education, she has taken several courses with other schools, the most recent being the Baby Arc course with City Pilates, and a master class with Michael King and Eleana Telleria. Follow her: IG @alita_pilates y en YouTube: Alejandra Peña Nieves