Natsumi Montilla
Natsumi Montilla

Natsumi was born in Barcelona and she has Spanish and Japanese origins. She has lived in Argentina, Mexico, London and other cities that have provided her an openness of mind and heart that allow her to embrace life in its breadth.

She discovered yoga at 19 years old, in a small studio in Barcelona, since then, their relationship with it has not perished. It was his first trip to India when she really proposed the yoga as a way of life and met a more intimate connection with it and its science.

Finally, she was certified as a teacher of Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Dynamic Yoga Mandiram, by Yoga Alliance. She also trained as a teacher of prenatal and postnatal yoga and a year later as Yin Yoga instructor by Zentro Urban Yoga, Kathy Paez. Since its inception in sadhana, she has known and practiced various styles such as Kundalini Yoga, classic Hatha, Jivamukti or Anusara, among others. Her training is constant, and its practice combines a commitment to meditation.

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