Morgan Palmer Hubbard
Morgan Palmer Hubbard

I came to yoga at 19 to help deal with a profound scoliosis that had progressed undiagnosed for some years and was starting to cause me considerable back pain. I eventually underwent major spinal fusion surgery that, while traumatic and involving a lengthy rehabilitation process, gave me a new lease on life and led to me developing a committed yoga practice and learning deeply about my own wellness and healing process.

I never thought I would teach yoga, especially in my initial years of practice as I worked with some very strong physical limitations.

I spent many, many hours doing very basic postures and exercises just to regain a semblance of internal balance and peace. However, as the years went on and my practice developed, I continued to gain a lot from yoga, as I started to study further and learn more about the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of this tradition and practice that was transforming me positively from within. I did an intensive teacher training program at the Sivananda ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas, and then upon moving to Barcelona almost 7 years ago began teaching and doing further study to develop my practice, understanding and ability to teach more dynamic vinyasa yoga styles, eventually helping found two studios, Yogaroom Barcelona and more recently Yoga Lab in the Ateneu del Raval…more about Morgan at Now Here Yoga

Morgan is an instructor of Hot Yoga Academy