Laura Lakshmi

Laura Lakshmi instructora en Yogalinda
Laura Lakshmi instructora en Yogalinda

I am Laura Lakshmi, Health and Wellness facilitator, student and yoga teacher.
Companion in bioneuroemoción and coach in conscious Nutrition.
I feel the need to transmit the little seed planted in me by all the teachers with whom I have had the great good fortune to train. My intention is that all people can feel and experience in their own body and mind, the innumerable benefits provided by the practice of Yoga. For that reason, one day I will take the firm determination to dedicate my life completely, to share these teachings that have been so useful to me and fill my path with light.

In my classes, I transmit from the experience and from the heart, with the intention of accompanying my students on their way to a serene and full life. To evolve, grow emotionally and enjoy a balanced and more conscious life. Accompanying them to discover their own tools and develop their maximum self-management potential in the face of obstacles that cross our path.
Yoga makes us strengthen the body, eliminate stress and toxins. In this process we develop more respect, more love for ourselves and in general a more conscious and happy life.
* Trained and Diploma in Hatha Yoga by the international school HAPPY YOGA.
Accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya. With certificate and official accreditation and registered in the R.O.P.E As a sports professional.
* Formed with Master Andrei Ram (Disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra).
* Certified by Yoga Alliance 500 hours in Vinyasa Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Restorative-Therapeutic Yoga, Adjustment Techniques.
* Pilates Mat Training and Hypopressive Method (Polestar Training School)
* Yoga Training for Children and Teaching. (TOOLS) With Ariadna Civil and Mariana Roigé.
* Yoga Training for Special Educational Needs. (RYE Spain, Yoga and Education).
* Diploma in Yoga Techniques in Education and in Relaxation and Yoga Nidra Techniques. With a certificate from the RYE association. Spain (Recherche sur le Yoga dans l’Education) recognized by the Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
* Postgraduate: – Deepening of advanced Hatha Yoga, meditation techniques and pranayama.
* Training YOGA AEREO (Yoga Unnata, yoga applied to fabrics)
* Yoga Training Pregnancy and upbringing.
* Accompanist – Training in Bioneuroemoción. (Enric Corbera institute.)
* Co-Founder of the “YogaMeddy Om” Association. (2017)
I continue to train and learn daily to continue advancing with my personal practice and continue to share with my students. Both for my personal growth and to offer the best of myself to my students, I practice personal growth techniques such as Meditation, BioNeuroemocion, Holistic Medicine, Mindful Nutrition, Hoponopono, and coaching techniques.
I invite you to practice yoga with me. To be part of a transforming discipline, which serves for anyone who wants to change their life in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Om shanti shanti shanti

More about Laura: @laura_lakshmi_yoga

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