Augustina Dinovska

If this is your stop, you are welcome! If it is my turn to be your guide for this hour you have chosen, I am truly grateful to share my Yoga with you. Throughout our lives, Yoga can knock on our door several times. Yoga is always there! And it never really stops stinging on your portal. Many times we are not at home … And many times it is just when we need her most. But the day we are at home and we let it pass …

That day we give ourselves the opportunity to discover a new way of living.

I teach and learn yoga daily, just as I learn and teach myself things every day. I like all styles of yoga, for me yoga is one. My style is based more on Vinyasa, but my practices are usually very colorful and different from each other. Pranayama AND meditation not to be missed!Yoga is my lifestyle, it is my path, an infinite journey from my being to my being. Shavasana is my favorite pose. My number is 8. Spirit animal: the Panda. Nickname: Ananda. Symbol: ૐ.

Welcome to Yogalinda. Fall in love with the road!


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