Health & Safety Measures

1. It’s mandatory to leave your shoes at the entrance in the authorized place just next to the door.

2. When you arrive please use the antibacterial dispenser located at the entrance.

3. Limited class size of 10 clients.

4. We will test your temperature when arriving into the studio.

5. All clients must pre-register online, there is no reception.

6. Please arrive to class 5-10 minutes before class starts and wait in a line outside with 2 meters in between each client. You enter 1 by 1 into the studio, giving your name to the teacher upon arrival.

7. The minimum distance is 2 meters in reception and inside the yoga room. Mats are to be placed where there are markings on the floors.

8. Yogalinda will not rent mats or towels.

9. Each student must bring their own water bottle, mat and towel. The use of a towel on the mat is mandatory. The towel needs to cover your entire mat. We sell mats, towels and mat carriers.

10. Please be dressed in your workout gear. Change rooms are closed.

11. The time between each class will be 45 minutes to ensure cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of the room.

12. There will be no contact between teachers and students. There will be no physical adjustments made by teachers.

13. We encourage wearing a mask until you enter the yoga space and when leaving. Please follow all safety guidelines as instructed by the government.

14. No client who has symptoms or has been in contact with people with Covid-19 should enter the studio, please take care of the health of the people around you. Please stay home if you have had a fever in the last 30 days.

15. Yogalinda uses cleaning products from certified companies and personal protection accessories for its workers to comply with the necessary precautions.

16. These security measures can be found on our social networks, website and published at the entrance of the study. We have also been sent via newsletter to our customer database.

Please see our Hot Yoga Schedule

Health & Safety Measures May 19, 2020