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About us

The ÀNIMA FOUNDATION is a private non-profit organization created in September 2007 with the objective of improving quality of life for children with chronic or terminal illnesses that are at risk of social exclusion. We are dedicated to making dreams come true, starting with the smallest wishes.

We undertake projects that go from individual attention to large childcare projects. Since our foundation we have completed over 1000 projects of all sizes. This would not have been possible without the help of our team, made up of professionals, volunteers and associates.  Each one with the passion and dedication to give their all to each project.

Legal aspects

ÀNIMA FUNDACIÓN PRIVADA: Spanish registered company with CIF number G64647381, address: Ronda General Mitre 126 3º 1ª -08021- Barcelona. Registro de Fundaciones de la Generalitat de Catalunya: no. 2410. Donations, whether economic or material, can avail of fiscal deductions according to income tax regulations (quota reduction of 25% of the total donation) and that of corporate tax (deduction in the tax base of up to 100% of the donation).

How we make dreams come true

Our projects begin with a request made by either medical centres or care centre authorities.  Pediatricians and tutors inform us of each child’s needs at individual and group level, and their proposals for research and improvements to infrastructure.  Once the proposal has been studied and accepted, ÀNIMA puts all its resources into bringing the project to fruition quickly, efficiently and transparently.

• We make dreams come true for children and young people of up to 18 years of age.
• Those that are suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses.
• Those that are at risk of social exclusion.
•  We only grant wishes that do not affect or worsen their physical and mental health.

The moment we grant a wish, parents, tutors and all those implicated in the process are invited to participate.  In the case of children in hospital, we include the family too. It is our way of giving emotional support to people who are going through difficult times.  Once we have made the dream come true for a child, we keep track of their progress.  We keep in contact with their parents, and often include them in different activities and the wishes of other children, if appropriate.

Deseos Fundación Ànima
Deseos Fundación Ànima
Fundación Ànima
Fundación Ànima


A few examples of dreams we made come true are: Lidia, 18 years old, who dreamed of having a Playstation 4. Aidan, 17 years old who had never been in Camp Nou, or 4 year old Alexandra who had a wonderful day in Tibidabo with her parents. Ausiàs, also 4 years old who dreamed of being able to touch a dolphin, and Alexander, 8, who was delighted to be able to ride in a helicopter.  Each of them had spent a lot of time in hospital and these positive experiences were beneficial to their treatments.

Group Activities

Sharing the dream or the activity with family and friends is positive for everyone. We organized a trip to Port Aventura with the nephrology patients of Vall d’Hebron Maternity Hospital with their doctors and nurses in 2017. Another was a Play Workshop in Casa de los Xuklis Cancer Care Centre in January 2018, organized by videogame creators. We also took the patients of the Parc Taulí Hospital in Sabadell on a day trip to see Raluy Circus in March 2018. We also organized a Lego workshop with children from the Casa de los Xuklis in August of 2018 with the help of a Lego expert.


Donations are very important for covering the different needs of the hospitals or care centres, and we have used them in the following ways; lollipops delivered on ‘no smoking’ days, children’s band aids to distract the little ones every time they have to get blood taken, tables and chairs in the emergency waiting room of Vall d’Hebron Hospital, playstation games and educational material for the kids in Casa de los Xuklis, and all the necessary material for layettes given to disadvantaged mothers.

Ànima thanks you for helping us to improve the quality of life for many children in need.

Fundación Anima