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Heather Anderson – Owner of Yogalinda

Heather Anderson – Owner of Yogalinda

Do you want to open a yoga business? But have no idea where to begin. Are you teaching up to 20 classes a week and barely making any money. Do you want to open a yoga studio but are worried it might fail? Do you just want some direction for your yoga business ideas?

Heather is more than eager to help you in the direction you want to go in. Heather feels such joy in helping others make their dreams come true and is always open and honest about how she opened her yoga studio. The ups and downs, what works for her and what didn’t work too!

Over the years complete strangers have emailed Heather for advice about their own businesses and after years of helping out, she has decided to open a yoga coaching business.

“There are so many new yoga teachers out there with very little business background so anyway to get them on their right path is a step in the right direction.”

Topics that Heather can help you with include: marketing, increasing client base, open a yoga studio, financing, hiring employees, retreats, private yoga teaching, further trainings, how to teach vinyasa sequences and making your dreams come true. Heather also runs a fantastic Apprentice Program if you are interested in practicing your yoga teaching.

A little about Heather

Heather Anderson is originally from Toronto, Canada. Throughout high school she worked at her fathers insurance brokerage and did everything from reception to filing to data entry. She completed her Business Marketing Co-op degree from the University of Guelph where she spent lots of semesters on paid work exchanges gaining a lot of valuable skills. She worked in the Ministry of Agriculture helping Ontario food manufactures export their products around the world. Worked in marketing and sales at a Jamaican Patty manufacturer, as well as for an entrepreneur selling sun protective clothing. These jobs led her to work in sales at a food broker representing a plethora of brands including, durex, Nestle, Clorox, and Dial to name a few. She then moved to Barcelona where she worked in advertising sales at a magazine. After being stressed out during the crisis she switched her wheels and became a yoga instructor. It took Heather 2 years to find the right location for her hot yoga studio so in her spare time she taught yoga privately and in small groups as well as worked in finance as a personal assistant.

Then the real work started with Yogalinda, from finding the right location, finding architects and contractors, financing, marketing, web page, name of the business, hiring employees, scheduling, database systems, almost selling the business, almost getting a partner, starting teacher trainings. The list is endless. You name it she has done it. Now the studio is open 5 years and is strong and stable. Which is why Heather now feels she is able to help others in their business ventures. For more information about Heathers Yoga Experience visit the instructors page on our website.

For questions about price and dates please mail Heather on Each case will be handled in a personalized way.