Yoga for Cancer Course

Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training
Dates: TBA
Time: Friday (15:00 – 19:00) – Saturday & Sunday (9:00-18:00)
Course in English
YAP accreditation

Yoga for Cancer is a heart-led, mindful approach to working with the whole person – body, mind, spirit and relationships

A course for yoga teachers, professionals in related fields and students of yoga who wish to:

  • learn how to adapt Hatha yoga safely for cancer
  • design and run courses for people with cancer and their loved ones
  • integrate people with cancer into their classes
  • learn mindfulness teachings and techniques specifically for people living with pain and illness
  • gain insights into the impact of cancer on the whole person: body, mind, spirit and relationships
  • know how to work sensitively and supportively with those experiencing the impact of life-threatening illness

Course Prerequisites: practitioners accepted onto this course must either:

  • be in a relevant profession to the course and have done at least 40 hours of yoga classes in the past.
  • be a student of yoga and have been practising for a minimum of 2 years or be a qualified yoga teacher.



  • Price: 270€

About Yoga by Nature training courses

Yoga by Nature training courses are structured in such a way as to engage and nurture all types of learning styles. Through teacher to student presentation, discussion, enactment, peer to peer teaching practice, case study and assignment the participant has an opportunity to assimilate the course content in a way that is meaningful and grounded in experience. Morven Hamilton has been teaching and mentoring on yoga teacher training programmes since 2012. Her previous experience as a language and music teacher and university lecturer has given her almost two decades of teaching and group facilitation experience. Yoga for Cancer is the fruition of her years of work teaching yoga to people with cancer, her studies in mindfulness and her passion for education and yoga.  Trainees receive ongoing support via Skype and email in order to ensure they have appropriate guidance to work in this sensitive field.

Course leader:

Morven Hamilton SYT will teach 100% of the course

A mindful, whole-person approach to yoga for groups and individuals on the cancer journey

If you are a yoga teacher who wants to help people coping with cancer to live better, a student of yoga or a professional in another field such as nursing, physiotherapy, or psychotherapy this course will give you a grounding in the diverse aspects of working with those on the cancer journey.

Cancer affects nearly all of us in some way. A diagnosis has a huge impact on one’s life and those of our loved ones, and the repercussions extend well beyond the physical body and the duration of treatment.

Just as no two people experience a yoga pose in the same way, no two people experience cancer in the same way. Pain and suffering are not always proportionate to the trauma on the body and are felt in a subjective and deeply personal way. This course aims to give you a grounding in the psychological, emotional and physical reality of cancer so that you can share yoga in a way that is physically and emotionally safe for the attendees. You will also learn specialised therapeutic movement for common physical limitations caused by the illness or by the treatment, and learn therapeutic applications of other facets of yoga practice in order to serve the whole person – body, mind, spirit and relationships.

Yoga and Mindfulness have been shown to:

  • Improve the immune system

  • Help people to cope with the effects of treatment

  • Accelerate healing of the scar tissue

  • Recover mobility more quickly following surgery

  • Improve body image

  • Help with sleep issues, depression, stress and anxiety following a diagnosis

People who have had a cancer diagnosis will reduce the likelihood of a recurrence by 25% if they take up regular physical exercise (please see links to the research below). Furthermore, those who are no longer mobile can still benefit from increased circulation and improved lymph flow through pranayama, and reduced inflammation thanks to the stress-reducing effects of relaxation, yoga nidra, visualisation, mindfulness and meditation.

Loved ones and support persons can find a sense of calm and alter their perspective through yoga, making it possible to cope with the trauma of diagnosis and the caring work which follows.

This five day course covers the cancer journey throughout diagnosis, treatment (or not), recovery, remission and what comes next. We will also explore working with people at end of life.

The loved ones and support persons of those with a diagnosis are considered in this course, as they are coping with cancer too.

The course includes practical application of asana and sequencing, mindfulness and mindful movement, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, breathwork and meditation. Trainees are encouraged to explore their own responses to life-threatening illness including their own preconceptions and fears.

There will be plenty of space for Q&A, discussion and practice, enabling participants to be grounded in their own unique process.

You will receive a course manual written by Morven Hamilton. It is both an accompaniment to the course and an ongoing support for your reference.

Additional to the 35 contact hours is a mentoring programme. You will complete a case study or an assignment and receive a one to one Skype/ phone consultation with Morven. You will also have access to unlimited ongoing support via email.


The course will include the following areas of study:

  • The cancer journey

  • Yoga as medicine – therapeutic applications of yoga

  • Ethics, compassion and the whole person

  • Designing your course for people on the cancer journey and inclusion

  • Business – setting up a specialist class

  • Mindfulness and yoga

This training will allow you to confidently and empathically design and run mindful yoga courses for people on the cancer journey. You will also learn how to work one to one and include people affected by cancer in your class. This course does not qualify you as a yoga therapist.

Course Objectives:

  • Trainees will become knowledgeable in the basic anatomy and physiology of cancer

  • Trainees will understand the “whole-person” ethos

  • Trainees will learn therapeutic applications of yoga for cancer

  • Trainees will become knowledgable and skilled in restorative yoga and special modifications

  • Trainees will understand the pedagogy of yoga and mindfulness for health

  • Trainees will learn the art of holding space competently and compassionately

  • Trainees will learn how and when to include people on the cancer journey into their mainstream class

  • Trainees will become knowledgable on business and marketing considerations in setting up a specialist class for people with cancer

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