The Art of Adjusting

TBA in 2020
8h YACEP Certification

This course is directed towards new and old yoga teachers that want to become more familiar with the art of verbal and physical adjustments on their students. The bulk of the course will be on physical adjusting. How to touch, where to touch, when not to touch. What works for some students may not work for others and why. We will be using props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps as well to help students get into the most comfortable or better aligned poses. We will spend time on the abdominal and core area of the body making sure the bandhas are activated and discuss softness and relaxation in asanas to find comfort.

We will go through a long list of poses from the ashtanga primary series as well as variations on those poses.

Teachers: Lezanne Swart y Heather Anderson

This course will be instructed in English but Spanish will also be used if students have questions in Spanish.

8h YACEP certified course

This course is a continual education course. If you are registered for the Yoga Alliance you are required to complete 30h of continual education every 3 years. This will give you the 8 contact hours you need for your certification. We will be holding other courses in 2018 at Yogalinda that will provide you more hours you will need to get the full 30h complete.

Any questions please visit: or email

Please answer the following questions when applying for the course:

1) What is your name?
2) What is your yoga background?
3) Are you a yoga instructor, if so what do you teach?
4) What are your injuries or health concerns?
5) List 3 poses you would like to discuss during the course.

Price 95€

If you have completed Yogalinda’s Hot Yoga Teacher Training course or are a Yogalinda Apprentice teacher a 15% discount will be deducted from the price.

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