Mindfulness Workshop

Date: Sunday Feb 2nd 2020
Time: 11:00 – 13:00
Price: 25€


Experience the art of being present and mindful. A workshop with Monika Varela about mindfulness, breathing techniques and short meditations. Come to this session and leave with: a better understanding of what mindfulness is and how you can train your mind to be more mindful; insights on the science of how practicing mindfulness can change your brain; practical tools to incorporate mindfulness in your everyday life.

About Monika: “I am Monika Varela and I am from El Salvador and I have lived in more than 5 cities in my life. I have been based in Barcelona for the last 15 years and currently work as a Mindfulness coach and language trainer in the city. Mindfulness meditations has helped me understand myself at a very deep level. I believe in a world of meaningful relationships and empathetic conversations so I have made it my mission to teach Mindfulness to as many people as possible so they can be happier and healthier.”

​More about Monika, please visit her website: www.monikavarela.com

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