Master Class: Yin yoga & Fascial Manipulation

Date: Saturday March 9th 2018
17:30- 19:30h
Price: 25€
Workshop in Spanish

Master Class: Yin yoga & Manipulación Fascial

We have designed a class which combines the practice of yin yoga and a gentle fascial manipulation based on the Rolfing method.
Rolfing, Structural integration is a technique of body work and postural education that through manipulation reorganizes the connective tissue, called Fascia, releasing patterns of chronic stress, posture and movement; to establish better balance in the body. In the context of the masterclass, the fascial manipulation offers support, direction and mobilization of the tissue so that each posture can be explored with greater depth and ease.

Objective of the practice:
The practice aims to accompany us in the season of the year in which we find ourselves, stimulating the meridians that are usually worked according to traditional Chinese medicine, and giving support to the emotional processes and quality of the energy that usually characterize each season.

We accompany you in this new rebirth during spring. In this path of body and spirit towards development and growth. As a plant is propelled to sprout from the earth to light, we seek to generate space through postures, stories, music and the gentle manipulation of our fabric, so that our new projects, ideas and infinite possibilities may arise as outbreaks in the fertile earth of our body.

Andrea Ottazzi Teacher of Yin Yoga (Yoga & Yoga Barcelona, Patrick Broome Academy Munich) and Yoga therapist (Pranamanasyoga School), and Diego Reparaz, Certified Rolfer ™ by the European Rolfing Association (E.R.A)

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