Inverted yoga poses Workshop – Sirsasana and its Variations

Date: Saturday April 24, 2021
Hour: 17h – 19h
Price: €20 for clients with class Pass or €25 for regular clients

Description of the workshop

Have you tried poses like sirsasana and can’t do them? Have you ever managed to climb, but you don’t know how to keep up in regular classes, as you don’t spend enough time on it? Do you want to improve your inverted practice? Do you want to see the world from another perspective?

In this 2-hour workshop with Cristina, we will learn the basics of inversion yoga poses such as sirsasana (headstand), with a fixed sequence that we will learn in detail and that you can practice at home whenever you want.

With the preparation and the sequence that we will practice, you will understand the actions necessary to build and develop your practice of inverted postures safely and effectively.

A workshop where we will explore and play with the different elements that make up verticals and balances, in a fun and controlled way, always from the base. There will be time to explore the different variations and postures and let our creativity guide us.

During this workshop, we will all be able to progress and learn progressively regardless of the level we are at.

Starting from the basics is recommended for all practitioners, even at an advanced level, because it will help you perfect your posture and give you tools to keep moving forward.

Some elements that we will explore will be / benefits for the student

  • Specific sequence with warm-up and preparation (wrists, shoulders, hips, abdomen, mobility, strength, flexibility
  • Pranayama to warm up and focus the mind
  • Stimulate Manipura Chakra, inner fire, center strength
  • Alignment
  • Ways to fall safely and overcome fear
  • Sthira sukham asanam
  • Looking for the lightness of the –reverse
  • “Kick ups” – how to get in and out of the inverted in a safe and controlled way
  • Final relaxation