Introduction into Numerology

Date: March 2021
Hour: 17h – 19:30h


Numbers are all around us. To a numerologist a number has a vibration just like the energy of thoughts and emotions.  We will discuss a short history of numerology and how numbers found me in my life. You will learn about your own life path number and calculate the numbers in your own chart.  How you can use the numbers in naming your business, your children and seeing the world in a different way.  Numbers are not like a Tarot reading that tells the future numbers help you understand someone’s personality or even help you direct your life on the positive side of your number and how you can relate to others. Numerology is the tool to understand your present situation, and if you know your numbers, you can use them to your advantage every day.

Price: 29€
Both online and in house the price is the same.
Maximum of 10 people in the studio.

Please bring your own pen and paper/notebook as there will be a lot of calculating.

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