200h Online and In Person Teacher Training

“Welcome to our training that breaks the barriers of methodologies and platforms. Teacher training adapted to the needs of the 21st century where society needs professionals who know how to perceive the needs and are able to advance, innovate and transmit their passion in an increasingly demanding environment”

International Certification

At the end of the yoga teacher training, you will obtain the official Yoga Alliance license as a 200-hour yoga instructor and you will be able to teach 26 × 2 series or Vinyasa, with or without temperature in yoga studios anywhere in the world.

Online pre certification 87hrs for 26×2 and Vinyasa

Pre-certification  Yoga Alliance & PHY (87h Streaming-online 15 days)

In order to carry out the final certification (in person) you must have previously approved the pre-certification (online / streaming) * according to your previous election, please check the registration deadline.

For more information visit Power Hot Yoga or  email: info@yogalinda.es or +34 665 745 405.