Hot Yoga Academy

Hot Yoga Academy has come from the parent company of Yogalinda Hot Yoga in Barcelona. For years the creator of the academy Heather Anderson was trying to collaborate with other independent yoga owners, and was faced with obstacles and struggles. She just wanted to share knowledge, expertise and share clients. For some reason it was always hard to make it work but she had a vision that it would be possible one day.

After beginning mentoring new yoga teachers and other business entrepreneurs Heather realized she could not do this alone and needed more hours in the day to help all the people that were asking for her assistance. She was already connecting
established yogapreuneurs who had completed her hot yoga trainings with new teachers that wanted to create similar business ventures.  Thats where the idea came about to grow as an independent yoga network, mentoring new teachers to succeed in their own yoga businesses.  Hot Yoga Academy is a network not a franchise.

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Hot Yoga Academy
Hot Yoga Academy May 28, 2020