Your Individual Journey Through Yoga

Each person begins practising yoga for a different reason. Some people start because they are recovering from an injury, others start when they are pregnant, or perhaps a friend encouraged them to join a class. Whatever the reason you began your practise each individual will follow a different path.

There are no competitions in yoga and your journey may be very different from the person next to you in class. There are several people that just stick with meditation and never practise yoga asanas and there are those that may never enjoy meditation. Don’t force yourself to read all about yoga philosphy or go to tons of training sessions until you are ready. The yoga path will find you.

At a party several years ago I spoke with a women that felt guilty that she had a yoga philosphy book beside her bed and never read the book. She kept on forcing herself to read the book but just couldn’t. She just wasn’t ready.

I spent 3-4 years of practising hot yoga before I even tried to meditate. The first time I meditated I fell asleep. I eventually got into a daily meditation practise and then fell out of the practise when I moved to Spain.  I practised yoga at home and at the beach over the years during my travels and I finally decided to do my teacher training when I had practised yoga for over 10 years. After practising for so long I have noticed that my concentration, patience and strength in my every day life has changed. I am able to look at myself in a mirror and see right through it and not even notice my body. My journey through yoga will never stop but perhaps yours will at one stage in your life and that is fine.

When the day comes and you want to learn about pranyama techniques, meditation exercises or even go on a yoga teacher training then go. But maybe that day will never come and that is also okay too. No competitions, don’t force yourself and you will follow the right path for you.

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