Yogalinda yoga teachers explain their experiences doing their yoga teacher training – Gabriela

If you feel that you are ready to do your 200h yoga teacher training this post will help you decide whether you are ready or not….  Gabriela Angueira, staff at the Yogalinda hot yoga studio explains her experience

The first time that I heard about Yoga Teacher Training was in Montevideo in the year 1993, when I was about to start University.  In those moments I had wished with all of my heart to be able to sign up, get together sufficient money, and travel to Brazil where they held the courses every year.  However, this did not happen—yes I went to Brazil, but to work on the beach and be able to be on vacation.  In those moments my practice was self-taught, I did not attend a class—it was as if I was giving myself riding lessons with a book by Indra Devi and another author whom I do not remember; an old book that always was in my house and that accompanied me for 8 years…(unfortunately it remained in Brazil)

It was not until the year 2000 that I decided to start taking classes and WOW!  What a change!  To be able to close my eyes to be able to go inward, to deepen my breathing without the necessity of looking at a book.  Without a doubt this seemed to be much more than what the books promised that a Yoga practice offered, and so I embarked on a journey of discovery and learning, taking classes with different instructors in Menora, where, at the time, Yoga was a practice with very few followers.  I was lucky to have beautiful yoga instructors: Elisa de Dios, Fernando Sarto and Beatriz Soria.  Different styles, different ways of living, to practice and teach yoga, but the same objective: to guide you in your own exploration.

My longing to take a yoga teacher training was still dormant, but why did I want to do teacher training?  I suppose that until that question was answered from inside, the perfect moment to search and do the training would not come…

Five years passed, my practice had been established.  I went to a class a few times a week, practiced once in a while in my house, and I felt good, I did well and I felt that I could continue practicing for the rest of my life.  Then, one day I encountered a feeling that I needed more, a feeling that, as my first teacher training instructor said, “The Thirst for Yoga.”  I wanted to go deeper in my practice, learn more things that in class we never had time to do, I wanted to explore, I wanted to experiment more.  I felt a great need to embark on this grand trip that is learning, but not just to learn theoretically, but also the grasp of all of the planes, in all aspects.  In those moments I didn’t think of teaching, I thought solely of the personal enrichment possibility.  However, the teaching comes naturally, like a fruit ripening until it is finally flowers in all its splendor.  The teaching brings to life a spontaneous desire to want to share with others all of the wealth that learning gives you.  While teaching you meet the best teachers that you could ever meet in your life: your own students.  They said that if you want to learn something, you must start to teach it.  And this is true.  With yoga, I add: If you want to learn it, teach it, and with everything, apply it to yourself: practice, practice, practice.  “Yoga is a little bit of theory, and a lot of practice”

That amount of practice you start to cultivate in teacher training, without a doubt.  It is there that you start to understand completely that you mat is your laboratory where you find the most amazing discoveries about yourself.  You learn to utilize the microscope of awareness to widen your perception of your own body, of your own mind, of your own spirit.  The teacher training is the starting point of where you begin to navigate the waters of your own self, in a journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery.  To navigate these waters requires, at times, a lot of patience, a lot of discipline, always, above all, a lot of love, and a lot of compassion.  That same love and compassion will one day move you to share the bliss of embarking on this journey with others; guiding them down their own road of this great journey of exploration into the deep waters of their own being.