Yoga for babies and toddlers

Mommy-and-baby yoga

Practicing yoga with your baby isn’t just an adorable good time—as the two of you bond, you’re toning your entire body while your baby develops motor skills. mommy baby yoga

As you challenge your core, thighs, arms and shoulders during this gentle yoga practice, your baby benefits, too. Yoga helps babies sleep longer and stimulates their mental and physical development. Yoga movements may be similar to the soothing rocking motion your baby felt while in the womb. This is reflected in a relaxation response in both of you, helping you and your baby fall asleep easier and sleep longer.

It is recommended that infants get daily physical activity, and yoga is a great way to start—and is perfect to ease your baby into a lifelong appreciation for exercise. The exercises are suitable for babies at least 3 or 4 months old (when they have good head and neck control) and can be done into toddlerhood. You can do these moves throughout the day to soothe a fussy baby or all at once for a full workout. Just don`t forget to check with your doctor before beginning this or any postpartum fitness program.

Toddler yoga

Toddler yoga is a continuation of baby yoga for mobile babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Using songs and rhymes with plenty of movement and stretching, this type of yoga is designed to support the transition from babyhood to more developed forms of self-expression through movement. Babies make this transition to independence, but physical contact with their parents still remains very important. Parents help their children with the poses and encourage them to repeat them on their own. Performing a pose without some one`s help make toddlers feel more happy and confident, increases the self-esteem.
Toddler yoga promotes strength, flexibility and balance. It channels the energy of very active toddlers to a healthier direction. Relaxation and energetic activity are contrasted and balanced providing a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Besides, using songs, sounds and games improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. Animal names for yoga poses develops toddlers` imagination, make them learn new thing about the nature.

Finally, the together aspect of this yoga sustains loving and playful contact, continuing a mutual focus between parent and child. By doing the exercises together yoga relieves stress of both parents and kids. Toddler yoga classes provide an opportunity for parents both to exercise their muscles and bodies for which as parents they usually don`t have much time and have fun with their children.

We have classes of yoga for toddlers every Wednesday at Yogalinda. Come and share your positive energy and happiness with your toddler!