Why Yoga in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy YogaYoga brings a calm strength and inner balance that enables you to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead.  Whether you are an accomplished yogini, a gym addict or new to exercise, you will find that yoga is a wonderful and valuable asset in pregnancy.

Traditional yoga postures are adapted in the different stages of pregnancy to strength the muscles and aid in pain you may encounter during pregnancy.  As well as postures for during and before the delivery of your new baby.

Your pelvic floor muscles, which form a multiplex of muscles attached to your lower back and abdominal muscles, require specific training to give your uterus and other organs optimal support in pregnancy.  Deep breathing exercises prepare these muscles to become “birthing muscles” by increasing their elasticity.  You will learn to recognize, isolate, and activate different muscle groups so that you can use them most effectively during the birth.

Your breath is one of yoga´s main tools of discovery and connection; with it, you become increasingly self aware and step lightly through the life-changing experience of motherhood.  Instead of relying on willpower to feel in control during pregnancy and birth, use yoga to help you listen to your body and respond calmly.  Relaxation with deep breathing is an effective way to soothe discomforts or disturbing emotions early, before they require further intervention.  A greater awareness of your breathing rhythms as you stretch and relax also nurtures you, creating a sense of well-being and contentment that extends through you to your baby, your partner, and your family.

The benefits of yoga can continue long after the birth, when deep breathing is used to tone your pelvic floor into peak condition and keep your energies in balance as you adjust to the demands of caring for your newborn.