Why I Decided to Do Yoga Teacher Training – Part I

photo of yoga instructor Jessica KlapmanI started to practice yoga because I wanted to do a good job of stretching.  After some practice, I started to feel that yoga was much more than a physical practice and in order to learn more, I started my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

Each training session was a new and amazing discovery: pranayama, the paths of yoga, types of yoga, chakras, mudhas, posture adjustments, anatomy, etc.

Once I finished the training, I felt prepared to share all that I had learned.  I started to do classes and, for me, each day is a new and extremely gratifying experience.

Yoga has really changed my life.  It brings me joy to be able to share it with my students and to be able to walk together in the marvellous road of yoga.

— Rosa, instructor of Hatha Vinyasa and Yogilates at Yogalinda

Photo provided by Lucie Wicker Photography