Why do we continue studying?

Lezanne and Heather at Yogalinda
Lezanne and Heather at Yogalinda

We can always be much better than what we are today, but how? There’s a very simple answer: you must keep on with your studies, learning and practicing every day so that you become the best version of yourself. You could grab a book and study on your own, or you could watch a YouTube video and practice back home at your own pace.

Yes, that is one way of doing it, but it would be better if you did so with a group of people, one that is guided by an expert who can correct you when something is wrong and encourage you when you’re doing it right. A teacher who is capable of communicating all of his or her knowledge and life experience. Besides, the people you meet at a class about cooking, writing or yoga, will have interest similar to yours. They will be your chef-friend, writer-friend, yogi-friend.

We at Yogalinda are happy when one of our instructors tells us: “I am going to study a course”. For example, right now Andrea Abian, our expert in Yoga Therapy, is in Bali doing a course on Therapeutic Yoga that is focused on mental health: cognitive processes, addictions, anxiety, stress and depression.  So today February 26th, when she returns to classes at Yogalinda, she will be filled with new knowledge and a complete refresh due to her time away.

On the other hand, Heather Anderson, the director and owner of Yogalinda, attends each of the workshops and courses we give to our students, and she becomes a student again, and thus she is always fit and in a better condition to impart her own Hot Vinyasa classes. It doesn’t matter if someone has years’ worth of experience and knowledge in one or several subjects, there is always something new to learn.

Have you ever thought about expanding your network of contacts? Networking is useful to get to know the right people in the right place. All of them with interests similar to yours, people with whom you can make alliances or exchange knowledge for mutual benefits. The world of Yoga is very competitive, so it is useful to have the right contacts. Are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking for new work opportunities? A business partner? In one class not only will you learn techniques that are good and healthy for your mind and body, you will also be able to do some Networking.

Montse Dosta/ Certificada en 200 horas como profesora Hot Yoga en Yogalinda en octubre 2017

These days, we have also seen the pleasure of continuous learning in one of our ex-students, Montse Dostta(@montsedosta). She graduated from our 200h Hot Yoga Teacher Training program of October, 2017, but since she lives here in Barcelona, she has decided to come back to the studio this winter and continue practicing with our students of February, 2018.

Right now, this new group is under an intensive work schedule to obtain their 200h certificate by the end of February 25th. Montse says: “The best teacher is the best student, so I want to keep practicing”. Besides, teachers also learn from their students. They’re experts as well, and the instructor has the possibility of learning something new from them, get to know new positions and reflect about new ways of thinking.

We will never be done learning, that’s why it is fun and; as Javier Salinas, one of our wisest instructors, says: “you can only improve”. So, let´s practice! Let’s study, and keep nurturing our body and spirit!

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