What’s coming for Yogalinda in 2019

2019 begins, a year full of challenges and opportunities. During Christmas and at the end of the year, each of you will have made the balance of 2018 and will know internally what you could achieve and what you could not do, and what were the reasons. Do you already have your list of resolutions for this year?

We invite you to write lists of the things you have learned and another list of things of which you are grateful. Gratitude allows us to realize how blessed we are, it is also a great step to happiness. We know this takes time, so you can think about this every day when you wake up. What have I learned? What do I appreciate?

The last year in Yogalinda we had the opportunity to prepare four groups of new Hot Yoga teachers. Wonderful people who worked hard. They spent a month in our studio and trained physically and mentally each day until completing their 200-hour RYT. We also had problems in Yogalinda that we overcame in the shortest possible time. Do you remember the flood of our study? Now all this is behind us and we have taken measures so that it does not happen again and we have big plans for our study. We thank the universe for all the learning and blessings received.

This 2019 that has just begun we will have the challenge to form a group of teachers of Hot Yoga, this time with classes in Spanish (read for more inf.) We will train five promotions in 2019! In addition, we have scheduled new yoga workshops and retreats. All the above with the collaboration of our dear Yoga teachers that you already know, Cordelia, Heather, Javier, Juan Carlos, Kasaundra, Laura, Lezanne, Mike, Morgan, Natsumi and Sereen.

For our new customers we have a great welcome offer: Two weeks unlimited hot yoga classes for 25€. We will also have other surprises that for now we reserve but that you will love.

Finally, we want to wish you a great year, that the plans that you have proposed are a motivation to wake up every day. We wish that you are surrounded by love and full of health to fulfill your goals.

Happy 2019!