What is Pilates Barre?

What happens when you combine Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga in one hour?  Pilates Barre!  This extremely effective workout has become increasingly popular in the United States and now we are offering it in Barcelona at Yogalinda.  What makes Pilates Barre so different than other workouts?  Pilates Barre is all about working hard for one hour to create long and lean muscles.  Through a series of tiny muscle movements and stretching you will create a long, lean and strong physique.  Although the movements are quite simple, they are tremendously effective at targeting small muscles groups that are otherwise difficult to target.

The workout starts with a short warm up at the barre before moving onto more intense exercises using the barre.  The barre movements mainly focus on toning the legs and butt but there is also engagement of the core while doing these exercises.  Many people experience shaking legs during the barre exercises—don’t worry, it’s completely normal!  In fact, it’s fantastic!  Shaking legs means that your body is becoming leaner and stronger!  That is why this is one of the most popular workouts in the United States—it works!  Within a few sessions you will start to notice a difference in your body.  Each week the exercises will start to get easier, giving you an opportunity to go deeper into the movements to become even stronger.

Booty-Barre-1024x682After 30 minutes of exercises and stretching at the barre you will start the Pilates portion of the class.   This   section includes the classic results-proven method of Pilates (such as The Hundred, Ab Five Series, etc.) as  well as some other mat exercises adapted from Yoga and gym exercises. Throughout the entire mat section you will be engaging your body in new ways so you  will never get bored. While you are doing these exercises the instructor will demonstrate as well as move around   to each student to ensure proper form and posture during this full body workout.

Come and join us for pilates barre every saturday at 10am.  For more information and schedule visit here.