What are our Teacher Training graduates doing today?

Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Since 2014, when we began offering our Hot Yoga Teacher Training program in Barcelona, a hundred students have graduated and have been registered hot vinyasa yoga teachers. Today, all of them are in at a different part of the world: Canada, USA, North Ireland, Spain, England, Chili, Australia…it’s a long list and we often here back from our former students who have now become professional instructors, who have gone deep into their own knowledge and understanding. It makes us proud to know that they are happy in their new path. And that is because our training consists of 28 days of personal focus, so a change in one’s life is to be expected!

Each one of them held in their heart a dream that was related to their improvement in the practice of yoga, either because they hoped to become trainers or just because they yearned to learn more. Some of them held full-time office jobs, which they quit to pursue their dream, others were already on their way and just wanted some time to deepen their practice.

Being afraid of life choices is part of our daily existence, therefore it is very important to learn how to defeat it, so that it does not keeps us from choosing the path that we want to take. Not only for our wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of all the loved ones around us.

That is why we invite you to read the story of some of our graduate students from our Teacher Training Program: Megan Bright, Sarah Peters, Samantha Merlini, Inma Leal, Kayla Cowart and Lara Kuhlmann (Today she’s one of our Hot Vinyasa and Pilates Barre trainers here at the studio😊). You can read their stories here: Graduate students. And you also might like:  Diary of Hot Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training by Megan Klein, and 98 days after being a certified yoga instructor.

If you are a former student of our Hot Yoga Teacher Training program and want to be included in out Graduate Students section, we will be more than happy to know about what you are up to and promote your work. You can write us at info@yogalinda.es.

There is no perfect age to take an important decision. To be passionate about something and pursuit it constantly is always the right thing to do during any moment of our lives. Many times, the right moment does not arrive by itself; you need to bring it about yourself.

If you have any questions about out Training program, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions.