Week 3 Yoga Training

This week had many challenges. The zen meditation was difficult there was some political drama at the course (which I will not get into) and I taught my very first 1½ class!

Each student designed a 1:1 class, i.e. teaching one person. We had to create a sequence for the class including breathing techniques, warm-up, standing postures, balancing postures, sitting postures, savasana techniques and finally closing. My class concentrated on movement with both hip openers and back bends. I threw in Ashtanga postures as well as Bikram asanas with a couple of sit ups! It was fun. It was also super tiring speaking for an hour and a half and explaining every single posture as well as demonstrating the postures. Also I need some practice with the adjusting of the students which over time I am sure will come. I definitely need practice but I look forward to teaching at least 2 more full classes in my 4th week.