Summer at Yogalinda

El verano en Yogalinda

What is it that we love so much about summer? Maybe it’s the beach, the sun or travelling around. Here at Yogalinda we enjoy all of that as well, but what really makes us happy are the longer hours of light during the day. It feels like having enough time to do our jobs, spend quality moments with our friends and family and with ourselves, either reading a book, exercising, practicing yoga or meditating.

We also love all of the season’s food; salads, fruit juices, lots of water, tomatoes, cherries, melons and watermelons, peaches… the list can go on and on.

Summer brings a change in our lifestyle; it is like filling your batteries with energy all over again. After the cold, grey and brown colors of winter we are suddenly welcomed by spring! But spring is a brief moment. Don’t you ever think that spring just flies by? Without any warning, we start to notice people around the street dressed with swimsuits, carrying little umbrellas around on their way to the beach. Not to mention all of the tourists who arrive to our beautiful city, Barcelona, to spend their vacations. And suddenly, before you know it, summer has arrived!

This July our students for the Hot Yoga teaching training continue their 200-hour training classes. They divide their days between theoretical and physical classes, and in the afternoons they can go to the beach (which is really close to us) and continue their study in private, reviewing what they’ve learned during the previous days. They still have two more training weeks left, and after that, they will take their well-deserved vacations and continue their yoga path.

All of us, here at Yogalinda, will take a few days off to enjoy our vacations as well. We’ll be closed between August 10th and September 2nd, but don’t worry, our Yoga Beach classes with Natsumi, Lara, Sereen and Elisa will continue!

Then, on Monday 3rd of September we’ll be open again, happy as always and full of good energy to begin a new period of Hot Yoga, teacher trainings, classes, special workshops and other activities that we like to organize around our studio. Don´t miss any of our news and schedules in social media. We won’t just vanish in the wind! :).

We wish you all a very special summer, and please, remember this phrase: I want to be in the moment, in the place, with all the right people and all the right words. Just breathe and enjoy every minute of your life!