People tend to feel skeptical when it comes to alternative medicine techniques. Inhabitants of the western societies usually don’t trust some of the oldest healing techniques, even if it’s just a Rosemary infusión. Western society usually does not trust  traditional remedies that have been used for centuries, but for some reason we feel comfortable taking prescription drugs loaded with chemicals. And beyond that, we actually believe they’re going to really help. Because when it comes to medicine, the fact of “believing” is a big part of the healing process. We’re not going to talk now about the hundreds of experiments based on the “placebo effect”, but its obvious that the general conclusión is that our mind has a lot to say when it comes to struggle with health issues. Knowing this, and also knowing that our favourite chemical is always going to be there for us, why don’t we try a natural technique just for once?


There is an accesible technique that really can help us in lots of different situations: Shiatsu. This particular technique consists of stimulating certain áreas of the body through the simple hand movements over some particular áreas in our body. Shiatsu is about removing not only the fatigue, but a great number of other diseases. We can give it a chance any time to see if it works for us, yet here in the western world, Shiatsu is not taken so seriously. On the other hand, if you want to become a Shiatsu therapist in some asian countries, you are required to study and abide to a specific educational program licensed by the Department of Health. In Japan, for instance, Shiatsu is officially accepted as a medical therapy technique. So, what should we believe?


If you have doubts about this ancient technique, you should try it for yourself and find out if it really works for you. Going in with an open mind and trusting your therapist is one of the keys to its true success. That was my choice when I tried Shiatsu for the first time. Instead of being skeptical about the true potential of the technique, I went to the therapist with trust. I discussed my health issues with him , layed down and trusted him. Once I closed my eyes, I started feeling the heat, eminating off of therapist´s hands to certain points of my body. Despite the heat, I could feel that there was no physical contact between his hands and my body. However, it was a strange feeling. It felt as if I had a small fire burning in close proximity to my body. The one hour I spent with the therapist felt like it was a whole day. I spent 60 minutes far away from the room enjoying the healing heat and checking out of my mind for a bit.  Finally, I came back really slowly, opening my eyes and trying to remember where I was at. A pleasurable sensation was running through my body, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face for the rest of the day. The technique most definitely had an effect on me that day, and if you give it a chance you too could enjoy the wonderful benefits Shiatsu has to offer.