Over a Year

It has been over a year now since I have been trying to open my own yoga studio. I had found the perfect location back in June but unfortunately another business took my spot before I was ready to sign on the dotted line. You visualize the entire space and after seeing the space over 5 times with architects and contractors you feel that it is yours. And well its not. It is someone else’s dream.

What is meant to be will be. So I went back to the drawing board at the beginning of Sept. I started teaching yoga in Spanish, started to think more outside the box by concentrating on my teaching and getting new clients and maybe getting an associate and working at another studio. All those things start to come about I put a little feelers out there and someone came back to me looking for associates. She stood me up and I thought if this is the way she treats possible business partners I could imagine how she treats her clients so I was honest and said I am not interested in discussing business with you at the moment. Just didn’t feel right.

I started looking again for studio spaces outside my preferred location zone and came across a huge 300m2 dance studio up for rent. Heaven on earth was what I thought. I went to the location and felt like I was back in the movie Fame.

I really want this space open for Jan 2012 so time is ticking at this point. Went by again the 2nd time today with the architects and I am hoping I can sign a reservation next week as I don’t feel like losing another space.

I never knew how long everything would take and I haven’t even started the renos yet. Cross your fingers for me as I am hoping that the universe will let me have this space!