My yoga experience

I started practicing yoga a year ago and I really like it. I began practicing yoga when my mom asked me to find some physical activity for her and I to do together. My mother used to come home really tired from work where she spent all day long sitting in front of a computer, as I find fitness clubs really boring I opted for yoga. Doing simple exercises is not fun; the exciting part is what is behind them.

For me yoga is much more than a series of exercises, it is a philosophy.

I had classes with several different instructors and each of them had an absolutely different approach. Some of them concentrated more on meditation, while others on the postures. So it was really interesting to watch them and to compare. In yoga practice I appreciate not only the exercises but also the personal attitude. I like people who don’t only teach but share their passion for yoga, making you feel what it really is. My favorite instructor is this kind of person. He knows absolutely everything about yoga, travels to India every year. During the classes he explained to us the effect of each posture, how it influenced our organs both physically and mentally and found time to give attention to everyone even when the class was quite big. He started and finished the class with talks abyoga_sofiaout yoga lifestyle recommending different diets and sleeping hours. The classes were always interesting with a constant sequence that targeted all groups of muscles but the postures varied from time to time. Always confident and calm he represented a real yogi to me.

Another great instructor was a Russian girl who lived in Barcelona and gave private classes for just a small amount of money or a donation – just because she loves yoga. She was not a beginner and did not need teaching experience she was a very experienced instructor who had worked in several different countries including India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia and Spain. She is another great example of a yogi and it’s a pity she left Barcelona!

The thing that I love most about yoga is that it calms the mind, relaxes the body, reduces stress and helps me find peace and harmony. I start yoga class feeling a little lazy but after some time I don’t want it to end and feel like doing more and more postures without a break. Yoga gives energy after a hard day, strong will and concentration.


Written by: Antonina Orlova