Interview with Javier Salinas, writer and yoga teacher

Javier Salinas

Javier Salinas has been a Yogalinda teacher for more than five years, in addition to being a yoga teacher, he is a writer, we invite you to read the following interview on  Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

1. How long have you been writing? And why did you decide to become a writer?

I think I started writing around 18 years old. By reading, I discovered a more beautiful way of living, and that is why perhaps I began to write, to try to add to that beauty.

2. Where do the ideas or inspiration for your books come from?

Inspiration always comes from a more conscious way of being in the world. There are always “ideas” or “melodies” playing, you just have to develop the habit of listening.

3. Meditation and poetry are two words closely related to you, tell us why?

Maybe it’s just because I’m lucky. Or because I have chosen to live with those two words, just like others choose worse ones.

4. Three of your books are perfect to make these uncertain times more bearable Felicidad, manual de instrucciones (Books4pocket, 2016), 50 maneras de salvar tu vida (Urano, 2017),  Cómo estar relajado en un mundo confuso (Luciérnaga CAS, 2020), and what project are you working on now?

The good thing about the books of the so-called “perennial wisdom” is that they are always perfect for any time, because we always live in uncertainty. Now I have finished a book of poems and another book of meditation.

5. Please give us your recommendations for Sant Jordi?

Apart from what you mentioned in point 4. In relation to yoga, I would recommend Guía yogui para la sabiduría y el gozo, by Sadhguru (Gaia, 2018).