Inline Skating and Yoga

Most people on hearing “Inline skating and yoga” together in the same sentence would think,“What yoga and inline skating? How is that possible?”

Pro skaters are constantly doing tricks and they need to be flexible to make their moves perfect. Yoga can help them lengthen their muscles, which in turn makes them become more flexible so they can reach their goals.  Most intermediate to advanced yogis are already able to do most balancing postures but can they do them in motion while on inline skates?  Yoga enthusiasts also need a balanced workout and doing yoga 7 days a week and nothing else will just get them injured, so an outdoor sport like inline skating is the perfect complement. Once you get the skating down you can start doing tricks and yoga on skates.

Balancing postures are difficult for any yogi but moving on inline skates now that’s a challenge for both mind and body, Especially when you need to do it on both feet!!

Curious to try yoga on skates, Heather at Yogalinda had an idea. Being from Canada she grew up playing roller hockey on the street with her brother and friends – Inline skating is second nature to her. Heather is also a vinyasa flow yoga instructor at her hot vinyasa yoga studio in Barcelona.  When Oli Benet from Roex opened up an inline skating shop and free Saturday inline skating classes Heather thought it would be the perfect time to try yoga on skates.

Oli started coming to hot vinyasa classes at yogalinda and he found that it helped him relieve the stress of running a business, as well as help his flexibility which is needed after being a pro skater for many years. He was searching for the body strength to be able to do what he did when he was 22 years old and yoga will get him there.   Well if he comes to class on a regular basis it will!

Oli Benet is all over the internet with multiple skate sections and photos and videos so he was close to good videographers including Joe at

Joe came along to film Heather doing a fitness yoga inline skating class that people could try at home. Heather spent a couple months practicing what she thought she could do on skates. In the end they came up with a short 4min video:

If you can inline skate and if you are flexible and have very good concentration in balancing postures while doing yoga you can easily do some of these postures in the video. No fear. Try it. Or you can come to our FREE yoga inline skating class on Saturday June 27h from 19:00 – 20:00. Please visit the workshop section for more details and location.

If you have no experience inline skating then come to a free class at Roex, Saturdays from 11.00 – 13.00 (if you don’t have skates, come at 10.30 and they will lend you some for free!)

If you have no experience with yoga but are a wicked inline skater come and try a hot vinyasa class with Oli and Heather at yogalinda.

If you just want to try it…. go for it and TAPE IT and send it to but be careful and dont try it too close to water like we did in the video or you might fall in!