Hypopressive abdominals

Do you remember the Bandhas? Especially Uddiyana Bandha? That is where one of the hyporessive techniques comes from: they are breathing and posture exercises based on pression and tension.

What are the benefits behind of doing them?

  • A flatter belly
  • Strengthening of core muscles
  • A narrower waist
  • More flexibility for the lumbar spine and the hamstrings
  • Increased thoracic capacity
  • Better sex life (increases the proprioception of the pelvic floor)
  • An overall better physical wellbeing

Anyone who wishes can practice hypopressive abs (both men and women, it makes no difference), although some adjustments have to be made if the person doing them has suffered spinal injuries or suffers from any other kind of pain, such as high arterial pressure since blood pressure rises while doing the apneas. It is not recommended for pregnant women either, although they are an ideal exercise to do after their babies have been delivered, as long as they have their doctor’s approval.

Hypopressive abdominal classes at Yogalinda will be 30 minutes long once a week with Laura Lakshmi. It is an ideal class time and then take a normal class afterwards at the studio.

Please, check our schedule here:

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