How do we deal with the ups and downs in our lives?

Reflecting back on 2018 and coming into 2019 I feel overwhelmed.  Coming back to Canada is always a refreshing time to think on life and where the wind will take you into 2019.

After a good friend was diagnosed with a complicated cancer in 2017 and often coming to me for chats about the mind and how to feel better after surgery and recovery has made me think so much about how short our lives really are and how much we take for granted. Everyone I know, EVERYONE has a family member or friend die of the big C. And more and more people seem to be getting it at a younger age.

What is that saying about how we live our lives and how do we deal with the on going tests, recoveries, joys of being Cancer free and overcoming the deaths of loved ones.  More and more I am confused as to why Cancer shows up to some and not to others. Is it genetic? Is it based on your health or diet? Is it stress related? It doesn’t matter if you eat healthy, or exercise or do good for people, Cancer is touched by all. You can smoke for 50 years and never have anything wrong with you and die of old age. Or you could be a vegetarian all your life and take great care of yourself and exercise and just get Cancer for no reason at all… life is so strange. My father says it is LUCK. And I think there is some truth in that. Our environment has changed a lot over the past 100 years with more pollution, over population and lack of mobility so I am sure that does not help. Not to mention how much technology is taken over the airwaves.

I spoke to a yogi friend of mine who says that illness comes from pain emotionally due to not dealing with issues in the mind. Be it from having a difficult childhood, marriage, or perhaps work life. We are constantly trying to do more, consume more, live more and never stop long enough to deal with the worries we have in our life instead we just flee from them by going on vacation, moving to a new city, getting a divorce or going from relationship to relationship. We need to work on ourselves. Heal ourselves mentally can go along way to a healthy way of life.

How do we deal with these ups and downs in our lives? Do we fear the inevitable? Or take life by the horns and just live. After reading some books about the mind I feel that fear is one of the main culprits of many illnesses and issues that come up in our lives. Stop fearing what will happen next. Please do not fear that you are genetically going to get Cancer as your mom died of breast cancer.  Maybe you will get it but maybe you won’t, worrying about it doesn’t help does it.  I am sure everyone by now has seen or read The Secret. It is not just about wealth and success. It is about Health too.  If you think bad thoughts, bad things will happen to you if you think good thoughts, good things will happen to you.

I feel helpless in trying to help my friends and family members going through Cancer. What can I do to help them? Be there is what most people say is the best way. But I feel a drawing need to do more, to learn more and to help on a grander scheme. We often do courses in the studio at Yogalinda because I want to take them. Morven Hamilton is coming from the UK to teach a 2-day course in Yoga for Cancer. We really need over a week to get into the topic but we will start with a short 2 day course. This is a start to help yoga teachers, doctors and loved ones understand and help people with Cancer on a different level. The Mental Level.

After posting the course I was contacted by a Hospital in Barcelona from an Oncologist that is bringing Yoga into their hospital in 2019 and she is responsible for the project. We haven’t met as of yet but not without intention. My hope is that Yoga does project far into the medical world in terms of yoga as therapy. Doctors can help with medicine but Yoga Therapists can help recovery, the mind and mental health. It is really a side by side process to tackle cancer and well being. Doctors can only do so much and we as individuals and yogis can and will do more to help the mental suffering of so many people going through Cancer.

So coming into 2019 my goal is to help more people on a mental level not just a physical one through yoga and mindfulness. In 2019 Yogalinda will be doing further courses and trainings on the mind, well being and yoga as therapy topics not to mention our 300-hour training in September 2019 which is all Yoga as therapy, Anatomy and Meditation for all you yoga teachers out there looking to get your 500 hour RYT.

Finding a cure for Cancer would be a nice goal too! What is your goal for 2019?

by Heather Anderson
Director and owner of Yogalinda