Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga is it the same thing?

About a year ago I read an article in Yoga Journal Spain that confused Hot Yoga with Bikram Yoga as being the same thing.  Is Hot Yoga the same as Bikram Yoga? I think Bikram would like to think that they are the only Hot Yoga out in the market and having it used as meaning the same thing is like people saying Kleenex when the mean tissues.  Probably the best marketing out there.  But is Kleenix the only brand of tissues?

Hot Yoga is a broad term for all types of yogas practiced in a temperature of 37-42ºC. At Yogalinda we practice Vinyasa, Hot Power & Ashtanga at 40ºC which is all considered hot yoga.  We also sometimes do Yin at 40ºC too.

Why do people get so confused?  Publications such as Yoga Journal Spain write things that confuse the yoga market into thinking that Bikram and hot yoga are the same thing so people obviously get confused. It is no wonder that people come to Yogalinda wondering what kind of class they are going to get.  Once we actually had someone run out of the class saying this is not the Bikram sequence, when obviously we teach vinyasa at 40ºC.  Also you need to remember that Bikram is a large franchise and they are normally the first hot yoga studio to come to any given city so most people do not know that there are any other types of hot yogas out there as they never have seen anything other then Bikram Yoga.

Hot Yoga and Bikram are the same thing in a sense, just like Yogalinda and hot yoga are the same thing. Bikram calls themselves hot yoga, Yogalinda calls itself a hot yoga studio and so do every other hot yoga studios out there.  It is a broad term to mean yoga practiced at 40ºC.