Hot Yoga Apprenticeship Program

It seems like Yogalinda Hot Yoga is moving in a new direction of Apprenticeships, Training Centre and Learning Facility.  Our mission is to educate new teachers, old teachers, and yogis to practice yoga correctly without harming themselves or others.  Our Hot Yoga Apprenticeship Program helps newly graduated yoga instructors have a sounding board and a place to practice their teaching.  Get feedback on their approach.  Learn how to safely adjust their students and to above all gain valuable teaching hours.  Why is it important to practice your teaching skills? Well 200h is really not enough time for most people to feel comfortable teaching and yoga studios do not hire new instructors often.  So what do you do? You need to start somewhere? Better in a safe environment with feedback don’t you think.

Who is eligible?

  • you must be a 200h certified vinyasa yoga instructor and can teach in english or spanish
  • provide proof of certification
  • want to learn

What does it cost?

  • your time – but financially absolutely free

How does it work?

  • First is a trial to teach a 60min hot vinyasa class where we can see the level of instruction
  • If accepted you will be able to teach in one of the learning apprentice hot vinyasa classes
  • You can also, help adjust in one of the senior teachers classes
  • During yogalinda promos you will also get the opportunity to teach private classes
  • Also you will get the opportunity to make money by teaching beach yoga class as well

If you are not accepted it means you need further training which we can also provide but that is at an additional cost.

Roser teaching her practical exam during a Hot Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

This hot yoga apprenticeship program for hot vinyasa yoga is growing and changing on a monthly basis as new teachers come and go sharing their ideas and making the program grow to its full potential.  Our goal is to help you make your yoga dreams come true and set you on the right path to do so.  For more information about the hot yoga apprenticeship program visit apprenticeship or our hot vinyasa teacher trainings pages.