Day 3 Apprentice Teacher Program at Yogalinda

September 18, 2017

Hello readers!

As you may have read in last week’s blog, I felt over planning my classes was making me nervous and less organic with my sequence.

For today’s class I prepared by practicing sequences and thinking of different ideas to incorporate. I included a theme of letting go by using mudras and phrasing to encourage being present. I taught different standing sequences to reach our peak pose. For example, moving from tree to warrior three, to half moon. Then I would do eagle, warrior three, to half moon. This was interesting because with repetition you can notice how you feel each time you complete the same postures. You notice what changes, how you improved, and you let go of expectations you may have for yourself.

I received great feedback and Heather said my teaching improved incredibly. She noted I should give more encouragement in difficult poses, to help students stay focused and motivated.

I feel so much progress in my teaching, gaining more confidence and fluidity. Not having a written planned sequence changed how I taught my class; it gave me more options for postures and authentic time with my students.

Being a new teacher is a little frightening, but I can already feel my growth and excitement overcome any nervousness and fear.

Let’s see how week four goes!

Kasaundra Williams

200-hour yoga teacher training at Yogalinda June 2017

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