Day 2 Apprentice Teacher Program at Yogalinda

September 11, 2017

Planning Sequences

I think having a general idea for your class, a theme, a focus area and/or peak pose all are great to help plan a class, however trying to execute a planned sequence step by step is difficult (for me). Here’s why.

The last week I planned my sequence, and I followed it pretty well, eliminating some things and adding in others. I found it OK following my plan, however a little worrisome to be looking at my paper if I couldn’t remember what I wanted to do next.

So, this week, naturally I planned everything again. Spending hours working on different ideas, poses, sequences, areas of the body to work on, themes, introductions, cues, and readings. After all this preparation, I taught the class feeling nervous about what my paper said. What was next? Did I explain and connect the last pose correctly? Having my sequence plan with me almost made me unorganized and less ‘fluid’.

Also, my students were beginners so I really had to modify and take things slower. They thanked me for modifying the class and pace for them, and said they really enjoyed taking my class. I received great feedback, my adjustments were better, I was more confident, and I had taught my sequence well.

I think for next week I’ll prepare but only with a general idea and theme, and hopefully feel much better about how I teach!

Thanks again for reading, stay tuned!


Kasaundra Williams

200-hour yoga teacher training at Yogalinda June 2017

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