Conscious breathing

You can’t imagine how much we miss Hot Yoga! Every day we keep track of how things are progressing at the studio. We worry every time we look at the floor without its wooden parquet, yet we feel thrilled just to think about how pretty it will look in the end. We have had to go through a couple of complicated days, feeling lost and powerless, but those times are long gone. Now we are totally focused in getting the best out of this new stage in our lives.

We all enjoy having new things, and pretty soon we will have our new ecological bamboo floor. Meanwhile, however, we can’t help but wonder what else do we miss: Is it the asanas? The teachers? What about the routine? There’s no doubt Hot Yoga is a wholesome experience.

Yet, the high temperature in the room is what we miss the most. The heat is what makes us consciously aware of our breath while we’re doing the different postures. It makes you aware of how your own sweat cleans toxins from your body. Not to mention that sensation you feel once you step out of the class, with your mind clean and clear, as if your body were floating through space. We invite you to give a long, deep, breath while our study is finished being repaired. Remember that!

  1. Prana: Energy or life force. The breath is considered as an expression of this energy.
  2. Ayama: Amplitude, extend, stretch.

Breathing in a conscious way helps us to regulate the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system, and it improves our health. Breathing increases the vitality of our organism because it increases our lung capacity. It relieves tension, calms our mind and helps us to concentrate and reduce anxiety. Read this article from our blog: The Breath.

We leave you with a poem written by  Javier Salinas., one of our instructors:


Despierta, despierta.

No vivas tu vida dormido,

no camines dormido,

no sueñes dormido,

no ames dormido.

Sueña bien despierto,

respira despierto,

mira con los ojos abiertos.

No dejes a tu corazón

vivir dormido.

Cada instante amanece,

cada árbol es un río

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