New Book Release: Happiness, intruction manual

Happiness, instruction manual

How to be all the things you love

Felicidad, manual de instrucciones por Javier Salinas

Felicidad, manual de instrucciones por Javier Salinas

Engaging in a conversation face to face with the reader, Javier Salinas presents a book that will inspire us to write pages of happiness, fulfillment and light in our lives.

• Includes ten meditation practices or visualizations that will help us to gradually transform our inner state.

• The author shares his experiences of self-knowledge of Being in a play about anything that does not appear in the “Manual of Life.”

Spiritual literature reminds us constantly: to know the beauty and happiness, it is essential to experience the “here and now”, the region where our true essence lives. Unfortunately, we despite our valiant attempts, are not always able to put theory into practice. For whatever reason, more than one resist to find that divine and infinite being within us all. Javier Salinas arrives with a surprising and special proposal. No need to do anything, it is not necessary to prove something or other to leave behind the suffering and download a new “you”, brilliant and wonderful. Just thinking silence, read with heart and enjoy this meditation shared imbued with empathy and humor.

Through questions, meditations and keen observations as equals, delicious voice of Javier Salinas puts our world upside down, expands our consciousness and takes us by the hand to the vast interior space that allows us to transform life into an endless sea of light, wisdom and love.

Javier Salinas has been write a new book: 50 ways to save your life (Urano, 2017) you could read about this book here.