Chaper I. Samadhipadah – (Yoga Sutras de Patanjali)

Patanjali StatueBy Alokprasad
Patanjali Statue By Alokprasad

It defines the end of meditation, what is enlightenment, what is Samadhi.

Samadhipadah: spiritual enlightenment

This Chapter is composed of 51 sutras and consists of:

  • Definition of yoga
  • Definition of mind and its functions
  • How the mind reaches the state of Yoga
  • Characteristics and initial qualities of practicing Yoga
  • God, as universal teacher
  • Potential disruptions in the path of Yoga: symptoms and treatment
  • Rewarding effects of the progressive concentration of mind

Summary: the definition and goal of Yoga. The first proposal proposes the effort to stay there and the obstacles that may prevent you to get there:

Viadhi: Illness

Styana: Apathy, failure, fear of change, mental stagnation

Samshaya: Doubts (Doubt is the fire that burns everything)

Pramada: Negligence, carelessness, inattention, knowing the situation and ignoring it

Aalasya: Fatigue, physical laziness

Avirati: Lust, lack of moderation

Bhrantidarshana: Living in illusions, false perception

Anavasthitatvani: Lack of perseverance, inability to finish something, not progressing

Citaviksepah: Regression, instability

These obstacles cause us the following symptoms, distracting us more:

  • Mental discomfort or suffering
  • Negative thoughts
  • Agitation of body or bodily discomfort
  • Inability to control breathing or irregular breathing

*Practices to calm the mind:

  • Stay focused on your path
  • Cultivating equanimity
  • Breathing exercises – Pranayama
  • Observing how you use your senses
  • Being inspired by a Guru or other wise individuals
  • Meditating on what you want

Next week we will talk about: Chaper II. Sadhanapadah – (Yoga Sutras de Patanjali)