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Hot Yoga Apprenticeship Program

It seems like Yogalinda Hot Yoga is moving in a new direction of Apprenticeships, Training Centre and Learning Facility.  Our mission is to educate new teachers, old teachers, and yogis to practice yoga correctly without harming themselves or others.  Our Hot Yoga Apprenticeship Program helps newly graduated

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How Yoga Changed My Life

When I was 15 years old, I was scouted by a modelling agency in my hometown. Being promised a glamorous life, big pay checks and travels all around the world, I was hooked! Two months later I took off to fill in my first contract in Tokyo, and over the years, working in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong-Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Milan.

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What is Acroyoga?

Acroyoga is a combination of three disciplines; Yoga, therapeutic massage and acrobatics. Through this practice – which is performed solo, trio or in a group – trust, empowerment, empathy and many other physical, mental and emotional aspects are cultivated and developed. During practice each person has a

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