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Why do we continue studying?

We can always be much better than what we are today, but how? There’s a very simple answer: you must keep on with your studies, learning and practicing every day so that you become the best version of yourself. You could grab a book and study on your own, or you could watch a YouTube video and practice back home at your own pace.

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Why do we always make New Year’s resolutions

Some people think about a hundred, or more, resolutions for their list, but they never bother to review them as soon as they’re done writing it all down! What about if this time you only plan on three goals?

It may not look like much, but you’ll see plenty of positive results if you meet all of them by years’ end.

-Take care of your health

-Take care of the people you love

-Make the best out of time

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What can you give to somebody who loves Yoga this Christmas?

Javier Salinas, one of our instructors for two years, published a wonderful book called Fifty ways to save your life (50 maneras de salvar tu vida, Urano, 2017). It is a beautifully designed book, with wonderful cover art, bright colors and a carefully selected typography, detailed pages and helpful advice.

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What are our Teacher Training graduates doing today?

Since 2014, when we began offering our Hot Yoga Teacher Training program in Barcelona, a hundred students have graduated and have been registered hot vinyasa yoga teachers. Today, all of them are in at a different part of the world: Canada, USA, North Ireland, Spain, England, Chili,

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The skin in Autumn

The key for these cold times is to both concentrate in a creative activity that makes you happy and a physical one that liberates your energy. In a nutshell, to find the combination that help us reach a balance between the body and the mind.

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Day 3 Apprentice Teacher Program at Yogalinda

As you may have read in last week’s blog, I felt over planning my classes was making me nervous and less organic with my sequence…Kasaundra Williams 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yogalinda June 2017

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Day 2 Apprentice Teacher Program at Yogalinda

I think having a general idea for your class, a theme, a focus area and/or peak pose all are great to help plan a class, however trying to execute a planned sequence step by step is difficult (for me). Here’s why.

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Week by Week Experience of a New Teacher as a Yogalinda Apprentice: Day 1

Just 5 weeks earlier I graduated from 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yogalinda with mentors Heather Anderson and Lezanne Stuart guiding me through an incredible journey of self-exploration. To have the opportunity to teach where I was taught (and continue to learn) is an incredible gift.

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How Yoga can help you if you practice… Inline skating

How Yoga can help you if you practice... Inline skating

Choosing a particular sport of your choice, examine and explain the common injury profile for that sport. Please include things like risk factors, treatment methods and how you feel that yoga techniques may play a role in terms of rehab or injury prevention. Sport: Inline Skating –

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Hot Yoga Apprenticeship Program

It seems like Yogalinda Hot Yoga is moving in a new direction of Apprenticeships, Training Centre and Learning Facility.  Our mission is to educate new teachers, old teachers, and yogis to practice yoga correctly without harming themselves or others.  Our Hot Yoga Apprenticeship Program helps newly graduated

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