Week 2 Yoga Training

It feels like I have been here forever and it is only 2 weeks in. The zen meditation we do is hard. Today we did 30 min meditation 10 min walking mediation and another 2 sets of 30 min meditations. I know how the women feels in the book EAT PRAY LOVE when she is meditating in India in the Ashram. Some 30 min sets are okay but sometimes they are just brutal. There is no guidance in the zen meditation you just have to sit in half lotus and concentrate on your breath. I will be glad when that part of the course is over.

We learned about Ayurveda in one of our theory classes last week. It is the health system in India which encompasses, medical health as well as yoga, nutrition and massage under one rough. We did a survey to find out what our energy was and I am Vata-Pitta. After talking with one of the instructors I now know why I have digestive problems and what foods I should and should not eat because I am Vata. Also people who are Vatas have a hard time in yoga inversions such as Shoulder Stand. We should only hold them for a short period of time because we are more boney around our neck. I look forward to reading more about Ayurveda when I get back to Spain.

We are starting to sequence and create our own yoga classes during self study and that part of the course is super fun. I look forward to teaching and adjusting more this week with less theory classes.