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New Space

After spending time with a honest bank director I realized that banks are not going to give loans to new businesses. Why? Well I live in Spain that’s why. They only give loans to businesses that already exist. So after becoming a tad frustrated but not overly

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Next Steps

Since August I have been teaching yoga once or twice a week at my friends studio. I decided to open my own studio and had a hell of time finding the right location. I finally found the right space right by my house in Poblenou. I thought

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The End: Certified Yoga Instructor

After a long, enlightening, stressful and hard 4 weeks in Austria. I am now a certified yoga instructor. I never realized how much I never knew about yoga until now. I feel that I have only just begun on my journey. It is exciting! After all of

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Breakthrough Beginning of Week 4

I had the most amazing day teaching today, I just had to write about it. During my first teaching experience I was stressed and very nervous. I felt like if this is what teaching is like count me out! However today I was very relaxed, calm and

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Week 3 Yoga Training

This week had many challenges. The zen meditation was difficult there was some political drama at the course (which I will not get into) and I taught my very first 1½ class! Each student designed a 1:1 class, i.e. teaching one person. We had to create a

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Week 2 Yoga Training

It feels like I have been here forever and it is only 2 weeks in. The zen meditation we do is hard. Today we did 30 min meditation 10 min walking mediation and another 2 sets of 30 min meditations. I know how the women feels in

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Week 1 Yoga Training

There are 9 girls in all on the yoga instructor training in Austria. The studio is situated in a small town call Bad Mitterndorf. It is surrounded by acres of green space, bike trails, lakes and mountains. We start our training at 6:25am. The studio is outside

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