Next Steps

Since August I have been teaching yoga once or twice a week at my friends studio. I decided to open my own studio and had a hell of time finding the right location. I finally found the right space right by my house in Poblenou. I thought everything was going well until an architect told me that it was going to cost over double I originally thought it would to renovate the space! Yikes. Now what… BANK LOAN — I went to the bank to see about getting an ICO loan seems like it might happen but I only had a preliminary meeting so who knows. In the mean time I have had 4 different contractors come to the space and I have gotten back 2 out of the 4 proposals. The first 2 seem very similar so I am looking forward to see what the other two look like. I still have so much to do before I can start renovating the space… if anyone thought that opening a yoga studio was easy boy are they wrong!