New Space

After spending time with a honest bank director I realized that banks are not going to give loans to new businesses. Why? Well I live in Spain that’s why. They only give loans to businesses that already exist. So after becoming a tad frustrated but not overly surprised I decided to look for a new space that needed less renovations. After only a couple of hours searching I came across a local that used to be an art gallery in exactly the area of the city I wanted the yoga studio to be in. I thought wow this is to good to be true. After seeing the space, the natural light, the high ceilings the tranquil plaça I was determined to make it work. The architects came a week ago to do their measurements and also fell in love with the space. We are meeting new week to see the new plans and costing. I am crossing my fingers!

In the meantime I am scheduled to go to an information session at Barcelona Activa to help figure out how I can get more finances for the yoga studio. Barcelona Activa is an organization that helps entrepreneurs start their own business.

Also, I am planning a photo shoot for my website as I would like to put a picture of myself on my business card in a cool yoga position. I was talking to a friend recently and she suggested that I put a picture on my business card as it really helps people remember who you are. So off to Canet del Mar to take come nice beach yoga shots!