Location, Location, Location!

After finding out that the dance studio I was interested in wasnt really for rent. I stopped looking. Recently I have come across a therapy clinic for sale. Not exactaly what I want but they have a big 80m2 space for yoga. I have brought my architects to see it and they are now doing some pricing and finding out if the space will work for me. I think the more you are looking the more you are used to disappointments. It has almost been 2 years since I have been searching for the right yoga space. I am hoping my search is over. But several things could come up:

  1. someone takes the space I am interested in
  2. the price of the renovation and the clinic is too expensive when added together
  3. the architects cannot use the space to do what I need done, it just isn’t possible
  4. negotiation of the rental of the local is too expensive
  5. other
  6. no problems

I have already encountered 1, 3, and 4 so I hope it is not 2 or 5. And it is 6 go ahead no problems exist.

2 years ago I never thought that finding the right space would take so long. But trust me it does. They do always say location, location location. Location could make or break a yoga studio in a saturated Barcelona yoga market.

Please think positive thoughts for me on this one. As I am really bored of looking and want to get to the next stage. Construction! Marketing! Selling!

Still breathing and still going to do it!