Freaking Out

Last week my friend told me that she was freaking out as she was just about to sign a rental contract for her new business. I said I have been waiting so long to find the perfect space that I just want to move on to the next stage, I think I will be fine.

Now I am freaking out as I am at the stage of signing my rental contract. I am scared. There is some fear at the moment. I read an article recently that stated that fear is good it means you are moving forward on your destiny’s path. You need a little fear, risk means reward right?

After spending over 2 weeks going back and forth about this space, flooding issues, price negotiations, architects, contractors, heat specialist jeez. Will this all fit in my budget? If I build it will they come?

Instincts are an interesting measure. Does this feel right? Are you 100% sure? Can you be 100% sure? I think that you just have to do it. Hope for the best or otherwise you will constantly be wondering what if? So I am probably going to do it. I just need to take a breath and sign.