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At Yogalinda you can buy the most necessary yoga products at the best prices!

Yoga Mats

Yoga mat is the number 1 product to buy if you intend to practise yoga seriously. Having additional support enables them to more comfortably perform the pose. A mat can act as a means of absorption if one starts sweating during their practice, as well as a means slipping prevention.


Manduka Pro lite 65€
Mundo Yoga 25€
Manduka Live on 42€


Yoga towels are used primarily for two purposes: To place on top of a yoga mat to improve grip and traction, and to wipe away sweat (especially in a hot yoga environment). It is very useful as it fights bacteria, helps stability, absorbs moisture.

Equa 36€
Equa hot 55€

Yoga clothes

In order to feel comfortable in a hot yoga studio you need adequate clothing. Yogalinda offers the possibility to buy the renowned yoga brands of topics and capris at the best prices.



Innovative fabrics and thoughtful design of clothes from the Canadian brand ensure that each piece performs at the highest level time after time to stretch, move and work every step of the way. Environmentally responsible choice to avoid the use of toxic processing chemicals assuring cleaner, healthier materials against your skin.

Tops in Black and Pink 45€
Capris in Black 50€